I have worked with Andrew Marshman for several years. He has treated many of my patients. I have always been impressed by the quality of the care offered, his patient focussed approach and diagnostic skills.
Manoj Krishna, Consultant Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgeon


I have suffered back pain for years and done all the things my GP told me to do, but nothing worked and I soon realised that taking prescription drugs was not the way forward for me. Having researched into different therapies Chiropractic is the most effective treatment for my back. As a chronic sufferer you think there is no hope and you will never be pain free but for me regular treatments keep me in control of the pain. Andrew is excellent at what he does and very easy to talk to and keeps your privacy at all times. I would recommend anyone suffering back pain to contact Andrew to get the help you need. It has to be better than pumping your body with drugs. The clinic to summarise is clean, well run professional yet very friendly.
Anon, Brough

I have had back and hip pain since I fell on a tiled floor about eight years ago. Since then my pain got progressively worse and was affecting my quality of life quite badly. I was advised to see a Chiropractor but frankly after such a long period of time I was not hopeful of much relief. However, after my first treatment the pain was dramatically reduced and after a further five sessions I am out of pain and able to walk and swim again. My life has been transformed thanks to Andrew.

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